Limousines And Designer Dresses Are Real Life Fairytales

Limousine with a fashion dress and tuxedo


There is something genetically programed in women to want to be the center of attention. We dream about being the most important person in the world, walking into a room and commanding all eyes on us. Our fantasies consist of being a Princess, finding our Prince and being whisked away on a beautiful carriage to live in a castle happily ever after. Now, we all know that that isn’t reality, but that doesn’t stop a girl from wishing. We take from this world what we can to recreate the one in our head, and live out our deepest fantastical delusion of what life should be. For a royal gown we substitute designer evening wear, and for the horse and carriage we input a luxury limo. With a little imagination, and lots of smoke and mirrors, we can recreate our fantasies in this world.


The limousine is not just a car, it is the way in which we make a grand entrance. Only peasants drive up to any event in their Prius. That won’t do for us Princesses. No, a Princess needs to have her chariot complete with mini-bar and flashing lights. A limousine is the thing that tells the masses waiting with baited breathe that someone important has just driven up. What goes along with the limo? The most spectacular overdone, expensive, boutique, one-of-a-kind designer frock of course. There is a reason why women buy up those fashion magazines, rate the starlets, and ogle over designers such as Versace, because to us they are merely an extension of the hallucinations we have that fairytales do exist.


When we shop for any event we don’t just have what type of dress we are going to wear in mind, we think about how we are going to saunter in, what we are going to arrive in, and how every other woman in a room is going to envy us. Designer garments are nothing more than the costume that we wear to make people believe us to be important, something out of the ordinary and something to aspire to. The designer dress that we choose says more about who we are, who we want to be, and who we want to choose to surround ourselves with, perhaps more than the other choices that we make in life.


A limo is just an extension of the fashion outfit that we choose. You don’t show up with a wedding dress on in a sedan car. No, you show up for your wedding day with the grandest limo, the grandest gown and dreams of driving away into the sunset with your Prince by your side. That is why the throw back designed limos, with dapper and sophistication, are in such high demand. Class and elegance isn’t just about the dress you choose, or the venue you dine and dance at, it is about the way that you arrive, the opulence that you display, and the way that you can make every other woman in your presence wish that they were you.


Likewise, you wouldn’t show up for a trendy club opening in a classic limousine. No, if you are arriving at a trendy nightclub you are going to be ordering up the most flashy, updated, over the top hummer limo that stretches an entire city block. Why would you want something so garish? When you arrive you want to make such a marvelous entrance that you have everyone talking about, not only the outlandish outfit that shows off your best assets, but how you detoured traffic and inconvenienced everyone in your wake. A stretch limo says that you are just special enough to detour a block of people who aren’t as important as you.


So, why do women check out the celebrity magazines in line for their groceries while wearing sweat pants, Mom jeans or capri pants? Why do we dream about limos, glorious gowns, and Paparazzis? We do so because they are no different then believing that fantasies can come true. Those people that we see adorning the pages of the fashion magazines…they are modern day Princesses waiting for Prince Charming, or finding and marrying him in some fairytale wedding. Arriving in the most fabulous outlandish ride with a guest list of modern day Kings and Queens. After all, all women are nothing more than grown up girls who refuse to let go of the dreams that we had all those years ago when our Daddies read us good night stories.

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